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A Day at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Theme parks and families get along really well and thankfully Valdosta has the fantastic Wild Adventures Theme Park right in town. This park has it all including rides, animals, water fun, entertaining shows and concerts. It's the perfect place for families, friends and coworkers to get together and spend a day having fun.

Adults and children of all ages will find a ride that is just for them and everyone will find their favorite really fast. Most little ones will love the adventures that they have on the Ant Farm Express roller coaster as well as the Basecamp Junior Train. The more adventurous guests will want to see if they can handle the ups and downs of the Go Bananas roller coaster or the swinging sensation of Pharaoh’s Fury. Everyone enjoys getting wet, even if it isn’t that hot out, and the Tasmanian River Rapids ensures that everyone gets soaked as they spin around on the white rapids. Once people have conquered the rapids, they might want to head over to the Splash Island Waterpark for more excitement. The Catchawave Bay and Paradise River are great for families who want a little downtime and the Bonzai Pipelines provide the adventure for those who don’t.

There are multiple birds, mammals, and reptiles to see here and it is quite possible that people could spend an entire day with animals and never even go on one of the rides. Some of the must-see animals include the Asian elephant, giraffe, black bear, lion, tiger and the green monkey. Throughout the day, there is always some form of entertainment going on, whether it is an adventure parade, a bear keeper talk, the band Junk Rock, the Little Kids Big Top and more. The most interesting one always seem to be the gators show. Guests can get up close and almost personal with these large and intimidating creatures.

Every year, Valdosta's Wild Adventures Theme Park has at least one major concert event that features a famous singer and, while the concerts are free with admission, people can pay extra for a reserved seat and a delicious buffet dinner. Wild Adventures Theme Park is definitely a place everyone needs to visit while in Valdosta. There is something for every single person to enjoy and people can be there from the time it opens until it closes and still find themselves wanting more. Read our story about family fun at Wild Adventures. For more information, go to

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