Upcoming events in Valdosta

Upcoming events in Valdosta Georgia

There is always something to do in Valdosta. No matter if you are looking for a night out on the town or for something to do this weekend, Valdosta has a number of great events for everyone.

Summer is the perfect time for locals, travelers and out of towners to enjoy Valdosta. The weather outside is warm and sunny, and the fun is plentiful all over town.

Funky Fish Canvas Party – Friday June 15

Whether you are an artist or not, the Funky Fish Canvas Party can get you painting and having fun. Located at Cottonwood Market and Boutique, the Funky Fish Canvas Party’s art teachers will walk you step-by-step through the process of painting a picture. You can bring snacks, drinks and enjoy an evening of painting from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Beer tasting – Friday June 15

Jessie’s Restaurant and Catering will host a beer tasting on Friday June 15. Visitors can taste a number of great brews and enjoy some of the restaurant’s food from the selected menu. You can book a place at the beer tasting for just $20 and enjoy a range of tasty brews.

Turner Center for the Arts: Date Night – Thursday June 21

The Turner Center for the Arts will host Date Night on Thursday June 21. The ceramic workshop will be taught by Julie Barnes Smith and it will give attendees the chance to create art with a loved one. The event is for all art levels, so don’t worry if you have never created ceramic artwork before. The workshop begins at 6 p.m. and it is a great way for couples to spend the evening.

Woodmen Life Gone Wild! – Saturday June 23

Members of Woodmen Life can enjoy a fantastic day out at Wild Adventures Water & Theme Park. Starting at 10 a.m., members of the company can spend the day riding the rides and slides at Wild Adventures for just $10. Members can take guests and they enjoy the same great savings.

Stogies Downtown – Wednesday June 27

Stogies Downtown has become an institution in Valdosta and Wednesday June 27, the cigar bar will once again have a big event. From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., customers can drop by and enter for a chance to win a number of great giveaway prizes. The grand prize is a Traeger Grill. Stogies will have some cigars on sale and Georgia Beer Company will be on hand. Customers can enjoy the GBC’s great beers or just sample them while at Stogies.

Light Up the Sky – Wednesday July 4

Light Up the Sky will bring a dramatic firework show to the skies over Valdosta on Independence Day. The event will take place at Wild Adventures Water & Theme Park. The show will begin after the sun goes down over Valdosta and the firework show will wow audiences around the city.

First Friday – Friday July 6

First Friday brings together local Valdosta residents and encourages them to visit the fantastic restaurants, shops and galleries of downtown. It is a chance for many locals to sample the eclectic blend of establishments that make Valdosta a great American city to live in. Don’t miss the chance to join in with friends or to make new ones downtown as you enjoy great local hotspots.

Where’s My Godly Man? – Sunday July 8

Presented by Evans Production at Mathis Auditorium, Where’s My Godly Man? is a stage play written, directed and produced by Evans Louissaint. The play follows Kendra, an attractive 30-year-old woman in her quest to find the perfect man. The play is a must see for local theater goers and will appear for just one night. The curtain raises at 5 p.m. for an early evening showing.

RKDS FILM FEST- July 12th-14th.

Golden Globe Winner and Oscar Nominee, Burt Reynolds, will be in attendance all three days, July 12-13-14, 2018. Get your tickets now for this Historic Event featuring a legendary Star and watch some great movies made in our area throughout the years. Also appearing will be the Repli-cars Bandit Trans Am and Smokey’s Pontiac Lemans and the lookalikes from Smokey and the Bandit. For more information visit: http://rkdsfilmfest.com/

La Fiesta – Saturday July 14 – Sunday July 15

La Fiesta brings together great Hispanic cuisine, music and crafts. The event will take place at Wild Adventures Water & Theme Park. The fun park will be transformed into a party celebrating Hispanic and Latin culture during the weekend.

Hamilton High 20 Year Reunion – Saturday July 21

Students of Hamilton High School class of 1998 will celebrate their 20-year high school reunion. Graduates of the class are encouraged to join in on the fun of remembering the past. The reunion will take place at the James H. Rainwater Conference Center. Festivities will start at 5:30 p.m. and the fun will run until 10:30 p.m.

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3 Places to Find Local Fresh Peaches Around Valdosta

3 Places to Find Local Peaches around Valdosta. 

The Georgia peach is piece of pride grown in the soil of the state. The pinkish-yellow fruit can be found all across this great nation. Restaurants, grocery stores and markets around the United States stock beautiful, fresh Georgia peaches. Of course, Georgia peaches are also found in recipes and desserts, and diners are never too far from the delicious fruit.

Valdosta, and the surrounding county of Lowndes, is the ideal place in Southern Georgia to get freshly picked peaches. The area is home to a number of local Georgia peach farms and farmer’s markets. Both give visitors the chance to get their hands on one of a kind Georgia peaches.

Lawson Peach Shed

Located just outside of Valdosta in Morven is Lawson Peach Shed. Opened in 2012, Lawson Peach Shed is a local farm that sells its produce to customers at its farmer’s market. Visitors can drive up to Lawson Peach Shed and get some of the best Georgia peaches and peach ice cream found anywhere. Guests can also dine on sandwiches, pies and cool peach lemonade. Lawson Peach Shed is a fantastic location to buy some local produce or to sit back and relax on a hot southern Georgia day.

Farmer Brown’s Produce

Opened in 1979, Farmer Brown’s Produce has been a staple of Valdosta for nearly 40 years. The store has a vast array of locally sourced fruits, vegetables and nuts. Of course, freshly picked Georgia peaches are available at Farmer Brown’s Produce and visitors can pick some up on a trip to the store. It is a great place to stop off on the way to a picnic or for anyone just passing through Valdosta.

Burton Brooks Peach Orchard

Burton Brooks Peach Orchard is situated just north of Morven. The orchard grows a host of fantastic fruits and vegetables. Of course, the most popular items visitors can buy at Burton Brooks is its Georgia peaches. The orchard also sells freshly made ice cream featuring fruit picked from the trees in the groves located next to the market. Visitors can also descend on the orchard in June and July to pick their very own barrel of Georgia peaches.

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Top Outdoor Activities to do in Valdosta this Spring

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and everyone is going to want to spend lots of time outdoors. In Valdosta, there are plenty of outdoor activities that people can do, whether alone, with friends, or with family.

Here are 6 of the best outdoor activities in Valdosta this Spring:

1. The Azalea City Trail

The 2.7-mile-long Azalea City Trail is the perfect option for people who love bicycling. The path is large enough to accommodate multiple people at a time and everyone will find themselves riding through numerous city parks and residential neighborhoods as they go from one end of the trail to the other and back again.

2. Wildlife Management Area

Picnicking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, horseback riding, bicycling, and camping are just some of the activities that can be done on the 8,700 acres in the Wildlife Management Area. Hunting can only be done in season and horseback riding and bicycling needs to be done in designated areas.

3. Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1985 and many people have gone fishing for bass or watched the wildlife wandering around while getting some adventure into their day. The swamp, marsh, and open water provide ample opportunities for photographers to snap that one of a kind photo too.

4. Wild Adventures Theme Park

Theme parks are not really considered wild and adventurous outdoor activities, but the Wild Adventures Theme Park allows people to spend the entire day outside while riding the rides and watching the performances. Besides the theme park, Wild Adventures has a fabulous water park as well as an animal park that is filled with exotic animals. Everyone will want to venture from one area of the park to another as they experience all of the action-packed adventure that the Wild Adventures has to offer.

5. 29 City Parks

There are twenty-nine city parks in Valdosta and people can spend their time playing different sports, picnicking, walking trails, using playgrounds, or cooling off in the splash fountains, depending on which park they are visiting. The three largest parks are the John W. Saunders Memorial Park, Scott Park, and McKey Park. According to the VLPRA, McKey Park is the all-time favorite amongst the local community.

6. The Valdosta Garden Center

The Valdosta Garden Center was created to unite members of every eligible garden club in Valdosta and promote different programs and activities to gain other people’s attention. There are currently seven different garden clubs and their meetings are all held on the third Tuesday of each month, but they are all at different times and locations. Anyone who has a love of gardens, flowers, and other horticulture will want to be a part of the clubs as well as the Valdosta Garden Center.

Valdosta is a city with a lot of outdoor adventures and Spring is the best time to begin taking advantage of everything that is available. With so much to do, it may take a person months before they can accomplish all of what Valdosta has to offer.

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A Day at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta

Theme parks and families get along really well and thankfully Valdosta has the fantastic Wild Adventures Theme Park right in town. This park has it all, including rides, animals, water fun, entertaining shows, and concerts. It is the perfect place for families, friends, and coworkers to get together and spend a day having fun.

Adults and children of all ages will find a ride that is just for them at Wild Adventures and everyone will find their favorite really fast. Most little ones will love the adventures that they have on the Ant Farm Express roller coaster as well as the Basecamp Junior Train. The more adventurous guests will want to see if they can handle the ups and downs of the Go Bananas roller coaster or the swinging sensation of Pharaoh’s Fury.

Everyone enjoys getting wet, even if it isn’t that hot out, and the Tasmanian River Rapids ensures that everyone gets soaked as they spin around on the white rapids. Once people have conquered the rapids, they might want to head over to the Splash Island Waterpark for more excitement. The Catchawave Bay and Paradise River are great for families who want a little downtime and the Bonzai Pipelines provide the adventure for those who don’t.

There are multiple birds, mammals, and reptiles to see at Wild Adventures and it is quite possible that people could spend an entire day with animals and never even go on one of the rides. Some of the must-see animals include the Asian Elephant, Giraffe, Black Bear, Lion, Tiger, and the Green Monkey.

Throughout the day, there is always some form of entertainment going on, whether it is an adventure parade, a bear keeper talk, the band Junk Rock, the Little Kids Big Top, and more. The most interesting one always seem to be the Gators show, because guests can get up close and almost personal with these large and intimidating creatures.

Every year, Valdosta’s Wild Adventures has at least one major concert event that features a famous singer and while the concerts are free with admission, people can pay extra for a reserved seat and a delicious buffet dinner.

Wild Adventures Theme Park is definitely a place that everyone needs to visit while in Valdosta. There is something for every single person to enjoy and people can be there from the time it opens until they close and still find themselves wanting more.

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