Top Outdoor Activities to do in Valdosta this Spring

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and everyone is going to want to spend lots of time outdoors. In Valdosta, there are plenty of outdoor activities that people can do, whether alone, with friends, or with family.

Here are 6 of the best outdoor activities in Valdosta this Spring:

1. The Azalea City Trail

The 2.7-mile-long Azalea City Trail is the perfect option for people who love bicycling. The path is large enough to accommodate multiple people at a time and everyone will find themselves riding through numerous city parks and residential neighborhoods as they go from one end of the trail to the other and back again.

2. Wildlife Management Area

Picnicking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, horseback riding, bicycling, and camping are just some of the activities that can be done on the 8,700 acres in the Wildlife Management Area. Hunting can only be done in season and horseback riding and bicycling needs to be done in designated areas.

3. Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1985 and many people have gone fishing for bass or watched the wildlife wandering around while getting some adventure into their day. The swamp, marsh, and open water provide ample opportunities for photographers to snap that one of a kind photo too.

4. Wild Adventures Theme Park

Theme parks are not really considered wild and adventurous outdoor activities, but the Wild Adventures Theme Park allows people to spend the entire day outside while riding the rides and watching the performances. Besides the theme park, Wild Adventures has a fabulous water park as well as an animal park that is filled with exotic animals. Everyone will want to venture from one area of the park to another as they experience all of the action-packed adventure that the Wild Adventures has to offer.

5. 29 City Parks

There are twenty-nine city parks in Valdosta and people can spend their time playing different sports, picnicking, walking trails, using playgrounds, or cooling off in the splash fountains, depending on which park they are visiting. The three largest parks are the John W. Saunders Memorial Park, Scott Park, and McKey Park. According to the VLPRA, McKey Park is the all-time favorite amongst the local community.

6. The Valdosta Garden Center

The Valdosta Garden Center was created to unite members of every eligible garden club in Valdosta and promote different programs and activities to gain other people’s attention. There are currently seven different garden clubs and their meetings are all held on the third Tuesday of each month, but they are all at different times and locations. Anyone who has a love of gardens, flowers, and other horticulture will want to be a part of the clubs as well as the Valdosta Garden Center.

Valdosta is a city with a lot of outdoor adventures and Spring is the best time to begin taking advantage of everything that is available. With so much to do, it may take a person months before they can accomplish all of what Valdosta has to offer.

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A Day at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta

Theme parks and families get along really well and thankfully Valdosta has the fantastic Wild Adventures Theme Park right in town. This park has it all, including rides, animals, water fun, entertaining shows, and concerts. It is the perfect place for families, friends, and coworkers to get together and spend a day having fun.

Adults and children of all ages will find a ride that is just for them at Wild Adventures and everyone will find their favorite really fast. Most little ones will love the adventures that they have on the Ant Farm Express roller coaster as well as the Basecamp Junior Train. The more adventurous guests will want to see if they can handle the ups and downs of the Go Bananas roller coaster or the swinging sensation of Pharaoh’s Fury.

Everyone enjoys getting wet, even if it isn’t that hot out, and the Tasmanian River Rapids ensures that everyone gets soaked as they spin around on the white rapids. Once people have conquered the rapids, they might want to head over to the Splash Island Waterpark for more excitement. The Catchawave Bay and Paradise River are great for families who want a little downtime and the Bonzai Pipelines provide the adventure for those who don’t.

There are multiple birds, mammals, and reptiles to see at Wild Adventures and it is quite possible that people could spend an entire day with animals and never even go on one of the rides. Some of the must-see animals include the Asian Elephant, Giraffe, Black Bear, Lion, Tiger, and the Green Monkey.

Throughout the day, there is always some form of entertainment going on, whether it is an adventure parade, a bear keeper talk, the band Junk Rock, the Little Kids Big Top, and more. The most interesting one always seem to be the Gators show, because guests can get up close and almost personal with these large and intimidating creatures.

Every year, Valdosta’s Wild Adventures has at least one major concert event that features a famous singer and while the concerts are free with admission, people can pay extra for a reserved seat and a delicious buffet dinner.

Wild Adventures Theme Park is definitely a place that everyone needs to visit while in Valdosta. There is something for every single person to enjoy and people can be there from the time it opens until they close and still find themselves wanting more.

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Mother’s Day Breakfast/Brunch Places in Valdosta

No mom wants to cook or do the dishes on Mother’s Day and while family members might say that they will take care of everything, including the cleanup, that doesn’t always hold true. Instead, moms usually enjoy their so-so meal that their husbands and children prepared and then head into the majorly messy kitchen to tackle the clean-up. We recommend that you treat your mom to one of the fabulous breakfasts or brunches that are available in Valdosta instead.

Here are 4 of the best places to eat breakfast or brunch on Mother’s Day in Valdosta:

1. The Salty Snapper

The Salty Snapper has a delicious brunch menu available for Mother’s Day this year and you can enjoy some of the seafood that has been voted the best in Georgia for three years in a row. A few of the menu options available to you and your mom include veggie hash browns, smoked salmon bagel, biscuits and gravy, and house made doughnut holes. A mimosa or bloody mary will compliment everyone’s meal.

2. The Egg and I

The entire family will love the numerous options available on the menu including the omelettes, hash, pancakes, and French toast. This restaurant serves seasonal foods as well and your mom will love drinking the pineapple tonic while eating her meal.

3. Birdie’s Market and Catering

If your mom loves coffee, then she will love breakfast at Birdie’s Market on Mother’s Day. They serve breakfast all day long, so no one has to get up early to enjoy the flavors of the Dirty Bird, Yard Bird, or Birdie’s Bowl. Of course, mom doesn’t have to get a cup of coffee with her breakfast. She can choose one of their delicious and healthy smoothies instead.

4. Cracker Barrel

Nothing will tell your mom that you love her more than a hearty homemade breakfast at Cracker Barrel. This restaurant also serves breakfast all day long, so mom can sleep in till noon if she wants to. Your mom may not want to order the Old Timer’s Breakfast even though it looks tasty, because she doesn’t consider herself old. However, the Sunrise Sampler, Country Morning Breakfast, and Fresh Start Sampler are all excellent choices for any young at heart mom. After a delicious breakfast, you can treat your mom to a shopping spree in the store section of the restaurant before heading home.

These are four fabulous restaurants that you can take your mom to on Mother’s Day this year. You may have your own favorite restaurant in mind as well or you may decide to take mom out to dinner instead. Whatever you decided to do, we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Valdosta

Cinco de Mayo is also known as the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, which is when Napoleon III was defeated back in 1862.  This holiday used to only be celebrated in Mexico and certain areas of the United States, but now people can be seen celebrating it everywhere!  

Anyone that is planning on being in or around Valdosta on May 5th will want to check out these following places as they will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo during at least part of the day:

El Toreo Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food is the perfect choice for those who want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and El Toreo serves amazing margaritas to go with it all.  Guests can choose from six different margaritas, but the most popular one is the traditional. The flavor of that margarita goes perfectly with tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and even Mexican churros.  Of course, everyone can also order a beer or a glass of wine if margaritas are not their drink of choice.

Wild Adventures Theme Park

Everyone can spend the entire day at Wild Adventures Theme Park and then venture over to the All-Star Amphitheatre to get the party started later in the day with Frankie Ballard and Canaan Smith.  People of all ages can sing along to Sunshine and Whiskey, Young and Crazy, and Helluva Life with Frankie Ballard. Canaan Smith may not be as well-known, but everyone knows his 2015 hit, Love You Like That. 

The Salty Snapper

People can wander into The Salty Snapper early on Cinco de Mayo for happy hour specials and then stay late into the night as the John Sutton Band performs.  This band is from Nashville, Tennessee and they play soul, blues, and old school R & B. Anyone that gets hungry at The Salty Snapper will want to order some of the popular dishes that include the double dipped wings, flat breads, philly cheesesteak, and the house burger.  

Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

Burritos, tacos, enchiladas, oh my!  Rodeo Mexican Restaurant has all of those, but their house specialties are really their yolandas, flautas, and chimichangas. The Valdosta location has been open since 2001 and it is considered one of the best Mexican restaurants in the entire area.   Diners can enjoy any of their popular dishes on Cinco de Mayo, along with a delicious margarita or a pint of beer.

Moody Mud Run 2018

Cinco de Mayo also happens to be when the Moody Mud Run takes place over at the Possum Creek ATV Park.  This 5K run includes a challenging obstacle course and there is a family fun run as well. This is the perfect opportunity for families and friends to get together and begin celebrating this festive holiday in a fun way.  Every participant is guaranteed to be muddy by the end and no one will be able to keep themselves from laughing and having a fantastic time.

Samples and Sips Food Tour

On Cinco de Mayo, people can learn more about the wonderful city of Valdosta by going on a Samples and Sips Tour.  This tour normally lasts for three hours and includes six tastings at four different locations. Each dish is paired with a glass of wine or a beer.  In between stops, everyone walks through the historic downtown neighborhood to learn more about the architecture, history, and culture of the area.

Cottonwood Market and Boutique

This quaint store is releasing a new make up line on Cinco de Mayo and they are offering free makeovers to those who attend the festivities.  Everyone can get their night started with a little pampering, while also eating some delicious Mexican appetizers. The fun doesn’t stop there though, as everyone who attends will be eligible to win free gifts as well.  

This is only some of what is going on in Valdosta this Cinco de Mayo holiday and everyone will be able to find somewhere to celebrate with their family and friends.  So, grab a drink, some food, and a person to party with, and have fun all day and all night long!

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