Instagrammable Spots

Snap. Share. Smile!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then photos of Valdosta on your Instagram feed are sure to keep the comments scrolling. That's because in every pocket of town there's beauty to uncover. Whether it's a picturesque mural, a quaint side street with twinkling lights, art installations or unparalleled views of nature, there are thousands of Instagram-worthy spots around Valdosta that are sure to catch your eye.

Come find your Instagrammable ahhh moments all throughout our city. To help you get started, here's a list of popular photo ops to jumpstart your snap-cation. Be sure to share them with us on social using hashtags #Valdostahhh #ahhhmoments.

Azalea Mural

Let your selfies bloom in front of our scenic mural of pink azaleas on Ashley Street in the heart of our bustling downtown area. Valdosta, also known as “The Azalea City”, wanted a mural that would capture the essence of our trademark nickname so we commissioned Janice Rego, a Valdosta State University educated artist who specializes in painting flowers, to paint an azalea mural. Janice's ornate flowers bring a bright pop of color and character to the area which is perfect for selfies, group photos and Instagram stories.

Love Lock Fence

There's a lot to love about Valdosta and our love lock fence is one of them. Installed in February 2019, the fence is now home to hundreds of locks that symbolize the unbreakable bonds of love between friends and family. Bring your own lock and leave a piece of your heart in Valdosta.

History Wall

Just off Patterson Street near The Book and Table Inn is an intricate display of history alongside a vintage brick wall. Among the installation are photos that share the story of Valdosta's unique history framed out with scraps of metal including bicycle pedals, wrenches and shovels. You have to see it to believe it and… then you won't be able to keep the photo to yourself.

Alleys and
Side Streets

As you stroll through the quaint main street area of downtown Valdosta, keep an eye on the side streets and alleys between buildings. Many of them feature street art, interesting wall décor, twinkling string lights and more. It's the perfect backdrop for a creative Instagram post showcasing your unique style - and ours!

Downtown Social's Instagram Walls

You've got to love an establishment that knows what you want - food, fun and great Instagram walls! Come check out Downtown Social for all things food, drink, games and photos. You can grab a round of cocktails, rent a boutique bowling lane and snap photos with your friends that perfectly capture the good times had by all.

Ahhh, but
there's more.

From wall murals and art-deco planters to antique bicycles and heart-shaped sculptures, Valdosta is filled with Instagrammable spots that are perfect for capturing great selfies. Become part of our murals. Hold our heart in the palm of your hand. Pose with a piece of history. Get creative with some of Valdosta's most interesting art and history pieces and bring your followers along for the ride.