In Valdosta For A Tournament? Here Are 5 Family Hangouts

Is your family in town to compete with the team this weekend? We are proud to host teams from across the country at our 18 elite, award winning sports facilities! As your athlete is working hard this weekend, consider how to play hard and make the most of your weekend away as a family. Valdosta is full of opportunities to create family memories. Here’s a few suggestions that are great for all ages:

  1. Downtown Social
    Fun is an understatement when it comes to Downtown Social. The family is undoubtedly going to have a great time at this hotspot. With options like boutique bowling, shuffleboard, darts, sports suites and VR pinball, you name it, they’ve got it! Bring the family here to get fueled with delicious food and enjoy great hands-on entertainment. Downtown Social is located in Downtown Valdosta. Customers are encouraged to park in Toombs Street Parking Lot. Check out more information.
  2. Skoll Axe
    Never fear, Skoll Axe is here! If you didn’t fit enough competition into your day, there’s always more waiting for you at Skoll Axe. The growing form of entertainment, axe throwing, came out of Canada and is fitting for the lively atmosphere of Downtown Valdosta. No matter your axe throwing skill level, it’s a great destination for a family memory. Find more information about what’s in store for the family.
  3. Georgia Beer Co.
    After a long day of competing you may just want to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Georgia Beer Co. is a great family-friendly place to sit back and unwind after a long day. Mom and Dad are welcome to enjoy some of the brewery’s award-winning brews, while the teammates enjoy listening to live music, lawn games like cornhole and reflecting on the day’s competition. Check out this fun scene.
  4. 5th Day Farm
    Looking for a Valdosta-specific memory? Fifth Day Farms is a unique South Georgia experience. The farm is full of goats, cows, pigs, and more! Open every weekend until 5 p.m., it’s a great place to bring some lunch for a picnic and enjoy the animals. You can find more information and pictures of the furry faces here.
  5. Grand Bay Wildlife
    The beautiful South Georgia outdoors is also showcased at the Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area. The property covers thousands of acres of land. You may explore the wetland on your way to dinner after the game or for an early morning walk before you head out. Read more.

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy your time in Valdosta, Georgia. Don’t just take home the trophy this weekend, take home some family memories too!