Introducing the Brand-New North Lowndes Park and Sports Complex

The state-of-the-art North Lowndes Park and Sports Complex opened in April 2023 and is bringing the community much more than just a field. The complex is the perfect location for sports tournaments from near and far thanks to its convenient location less than a mile from Interstate-75. However, these fields will not just benefit athletes and spectators, local business owners and Valdosta residents also have a lot to gain from tourism and amenities this sports complex introduces.

The North Lowndes Sports Complex is now the largest soccer complex in South Georgia, featuring eight soccer fields and one multipurpose field for soccer, flag football, lacrosse and more. The complex will also give spectators and families a new playground, a skatepark, restrooms, walking paths, picnic tables and concession stands. These amenities make tournaments an enjoyable experience for the whole family, not just the athletes.

The complex plans to host over 100 teams from the state of Georgia, which will bring thousands of visitors to the city. These tournaments will increase overnight tourism in Valdosta due to the number of multi-day tournaments that are planned for the complex each year. With nearly 4,000 hotel rooms in the county, the new complex also supports business for hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

While in Valdosta for tournaments, visitors can try new restaurants and shop locally. Families and teams can enjoy activities such as axe throwing at Skoll Axe or boutique bowling at Downtown Social. Parents can also enjoy a drink at Georgia Beer Co. and countless local restaurants while their children are in town for a tournament.

This new complex is a game changer for the whole city. Whether you are a visitor, business owner or resident, this new sports complex will make you feel like a winner.