Tourism Is Thriving

By: David DiSalvo, Executive Director of Visit Valdosta

To all of my colleagues in the business community, tourism is thriving and it supports all of us. Whether you’re an entertainer, a local small business owner, a local farmer, or anything in between, tourism has an effect on you, your business, your customers and so much more.

A goal of ours here at Visit Valdosta is to make our community an overnight destination. As local residents know, Valdosta and the surrounding area has so much to offer. We are more than just a stop along I-75. As we continue to work on showcasing the amazing things our city has to offer right here in our backyard, it’s important for community members to share their pride for our city with potential guests.

With the warmer weather and Spring season comes a variety of exciting events for out-of-town visitors to enjoy. Staples like the Azalea Festival or the South Georgia Film Festival can bring in hundreds and potentially thousands of guests, leading to additional revenue for local businesses, hotel stays and much more. With more events approaching like the inaugural Valdosta Bluesberry Festival and summer events at Wild Adventures with guests like Lee Brice, For King + Country, Larry the Cable Guy and others, there is much to look forward to. Events like this aren’t solely intended to bring in tourists, but to also provide a space for our community to gather and enjoy the town we call home.

As people come join us this summer, let’s welcome them and help them experience as many of the ‘Valdostahhh’ moments as they can. Those ‘ahhh’ moments could be found in an exhale of stress leaving as they enjoy the South Georgia outdoors, in excitement as they fly down a roller coaster at Wild Adventures, or that first sip of a local blueberry beer. Visitors shouldn’t have to stop at just one destination, but we want them to make their way to many.

I am excited and proud of the future of tourism in South Georgia. Who do you know that’s coming to Valdosta this Summer? What is the ‘ahhh’ moment you’re planning to share with them?