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What People are Saying about the Rainwater Conference Center

Monday, October 09, 2017

What People are Saying about the Rainwater Conference Center

The Rainwater Conference Center is more than a building in Valdosta.  It is a community center where locals and people from out of town can go to receive information about the area, plus a place where everyone can hold conferences, special events, and even weddings.

We have a friendly staff and they will always go the extra mile to ensure that the people they are helping have more than they ever anticipated for their time in the area and their event.

Here are some things that people are saying about the Rainwater Conference Center:

The Staff Went Above and Beyond

During 2015, the United States Attorney Middle District of Georgia, held a training seminar for Safety in their Schools.  There were over three hundred attendees there, including law enforcement, first responders, and educators.  According to Attorney Michael J. Moore, the staff at the Rainwater Conference Center went above and beyond while setting things up prior to the training, and that did not end as the training was taking place.  The staff continued to work hard to ensure that everything was being handled properly and that everyone’s needs were being met.

Things Were Handled Well from Beginning to End

The group, Save Our Children, Inc., held their very first African-American banquet at the Rainwater Conference Center.  They were quite pleased that their every want and need was taken care of from the minute they inquired about the space to well past its finish time.

Enjoyed the Experience So Much that the Person Now Works There!

A couple of years ago, a guest walked into the Rainwater Conference Center for the first time for a Christmas wedding.  She was amazed at how beautiful and elegant everything was.  Of course, once she tasted the food, she was hooked!  She also loved how attentive each staff member was and how they worked hard to make sure that everything was being done on time and properly.  After her evening enjoying the wedding, she knew that she wanted to be a part of the amazing team at the Rainwater, so she applied and is now working as a server for the fantastic chefs that create each delicious dish.

There are many other reviews that are just as magnificent for the Rainwater Conference Center.  Anyone who has never been there or experienced one of their events will want to go visit and plan their own special occasion where they can be treated like royalty and have the time of their life.

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